Friday, September 4, 2009

Snow Shovel Salt Dispenser

I hate winters in Syracuse. It is so cold and icy that seeing people fall in the mornings makes me worried. You are not quite awake and about to leave your house; one step outside... right onto ice... Then you have back problems for couple days!
So I come up with this idea of mixing up salt and a shovel, by attaching a salt bag on the shaft of a snow shovel.
Instead of doing two things separately in the winter time (shoveling then dispensing salt) in order to get rid of ice, this innovation is going to provide us with ease. While you are shoveling your drive way, stairs, or anywhere icy, you will be dispensing salt as well.
Through this product, you will be able to save money and time. It is just like a normal snow shovel but this salt dispensing technique will ensure your drive way, stairs, and in front of your door will not be icy at all. It is going to be easy to find in every mall or store and pricing is not going to be an issue.
Not only I am going to manufacture this invention but I am also going to talk about how the market will be. Developing market skills is going to be another goal throughout the posts.

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